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Wasan Brooklyn

Sushi and Udon

By Wasan Brooklyn

About Us

In August 2015, we opened Wasan Brooklyn intending to be a restaurant that will become a part of the Park Slope, Brooklyn neighborhoods' hearts.


Through various trials and errors with the "A dish loved by all" theme in mind, three months after we opened to deliver food, people living in this area realized the necessity of food delivery. five years since then, we were able to pursue that theme to be incorporated into our delivery menu.


Then 2020 came and we experienced the pandemic. The need for delivery food was all the more felt by everyone in this area. As a response to our long-term concept of “A dish loved by all”, we started the project, Wasan Brooklyn Sushi and Udon - a delivery takeout specialty store.


“Despite being a delivery food, it is a dish that has warmth, served just like in a restaurant.”

As an example, “cup sushi” is inspired by “hand rolls”, a dish served to you at sushi restaurants.


As one of the favorite dish in Japan, we will also focus on udon rooted in the region; and we hope that everyone in Brooklyn will enjoy its rich, varied taste.


“Wasan Brooklyn Sushi and Udon”

We will continue to be the restaurant beloved by Brooklyner through our casual and easy-to-like dishes based on authentic Japanese cooking skills!


Available for Delivery or Take Away

Monday - Sunday: 1 1:30am - 9:00pm


440 Bergen Street Brooklyn NY 11217

(347) 725-3550

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